The 5 Best Foods to Eat After a Workout

The 5 Best Foods to Eat After a Workout

Whether it’s your first day at the gym, or your 100th, following a proper eating plan plays an important role both in the quality of your exercise, and the result you’re squatting hard for. After any workout, your muscles need fuel that will stimatue and restore the muscular system (and no, sadly no burger will do). Here are 5 of the best foods to eat after a workout so you’re getting maximum impact and nourishing your body, the right way.


There’s nothing like a good egg, especially after a workout. After exercise your muscles need protein so they can heal. And an egg, will do the trick! One egg has minimal calories (about 70) and gives you 4.3 grams of protein. Don’t get confused with what you’ve seen in movies either, sure raw eggs are post-workout approves, but cooked eggs are not only a safer choice, but they also allow the body to absorb up to twice as much protein.


We’re nana for bananas. Bananas contain carbohydrates that help restore the levels of glycogen needed for your muscles to restore and repair after exercise, especially after an intense workout. Also, they’re a great source of potassium, one of the most important minerals in the body to help regulate the flow of fluids and nutrients, keep your blood pressure in check, and most importantly, in terms of exercise, it helps conduct nerve impulses and muscle contractions. Top tip: it’s a super easy snack to have in your bag after a workout.


Just a handful of nuts will provide you with the necessary carbohydrates and protein your body needs after a workout. Keep a close on the quantity too, eating more than a handful (that’s about 10 nuts, folks) can mean more fat, which means more calories to burn at the gym! Want to mix up your nut game? Why not see which nuts are the healthiest nuts you can eat.


On its own, in a smoothie or with some yoghurt, Kiwi fruit is one of our favourite fruits to down after a workout.. Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and potassium, this fruit helps the rapid recovery of the muscular system, after a good workout.


According to research, berries speed up the recovery rate of your body after exercise up to three times faster, due to their high content of antioxidants. Be cautious here, berries also have a high sugar content, so don’t go eating a whole pack of blueberries. A comfy handful, and you’re set!


It may not be food, but, YOUR. BODY. NEEDS. WATER. Especially if you’re exercising regularly. Since you sweat when you work out, your body may lose up to half a litre of water, and deplete your electrolytes. Try to drink 2-3 glasses of water before and after a workout to help you work out better and harder. It will also improve just about every other aspect of your life, because water is fking magic.