Small changes for an eco-friendly kitchen

Small changes for an eco-friendly kitchen

Before you go and throw out all the cling wrap in your house, the general vibe on becoming more environmentally minded in the kitchen is to start by using what you’ve got and then don’t replace it. Find an earth-happy alternative. 

Less than 9% of ‘recyclable’ and ‘compostable’ things get recycled. That means, the best way to make a REAL difference is to: REDUCE AND REUSE, SO YOU WON’T HAVE TO RECYCLE.  It’s what they’re teaching kids in schools which means it’s probably a good lesson for us adults too. 

Once the cling wrap is finished or your gross takeaway box has reached its end, don’t buy them again, switch to an alternative. Eventually, you’ll wonder why you were even using plastics the first place. 

Starting with a few small changes makes it easier to integrate ethical habits into your every day rituals. Each change also helps raise awareness in your own life about your level of consumption.


These are starting to pop up everywhere, and for good reason. They actually work. Their lifespan is decent, you just wash them with your dishes and if you’re feeling crafty they’re relatively easy to make. If you have a tiny heart attack about the cost just rationalise it. You’re more likely to reuse them, but even more importantly, you’re stopping all that plastic leaching into your body and food. That’s a complete win for the earth and your body.

Seems silly, but is surprisingly useful. The humble fork has endless uses. The most common one, of course being for eating. Now you’re always prepared, it makes it easier to say no to the single-use cutlery (wood included) if you’re eating out or getting takeaways. Any time you’re about to pick up something that says ‘recyclable’ or ‘compostable’ remember that 9% stat, then reach for your emergency fork.

With this handy utensil in your bag, the other uses are actually pretty creative. So far, I’ve helped my girlfriend recover her car keys, tie ribbons (google it), open bottles, screw Ikea furniture together, wedge a door closed and of course, eat my lunch. 

Less waste, more uses. Perhaps the fork is mightier than the sword. 


Take those floppy carrots or brown banana’s and give them new life! Almost every piece of produce can find a purpose in your kitchen. The easiest way to make a positive contribution to the earth is to create less waste.

Try bring a few of these tricks into your kitchen to use up every piece of produce.

Make veggie stock or soup:
Save onion skins, sad carrots or celery, or anything that isn’t cruciferous. Pop it in a pot with water, boil it, freeze it and be fancy. 

Freeze bananas:
And then make ice cream, smoothies, cakes or face-masks. 

Get pickling:
Kimchi and sauerkraut are having a moment, get involved by pickling pretty much anything you have left over in your kitchen. Good for your gut, and the earth. 


While we could go on forever about all the different ways you can transform your kitchen into being the most ethical place on earth, the small steps are the most important ones. 

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