Sunday Habits For A Productive Week

Sunday Habits For A Productive Week

What's cracking Monday morning - it's the start of a fresh week & it's just hit you square in the face how much shit you've actually got to get done. I bet it stresses you out just reading that sentence but don't you worry I've got you!


Sunday's are the perfect day to get your life in order for the coming week. It should be taken advantage of to get yourself organised, that way when Monday comes rolling around you've got no excuses!


Here are my top 5 Sunday habits for a productive week! 

Habit 1: Plan your week 

Planning out your week ahead of time allows you to have a clear purpose throughout the week & know exactly what it is you have to get done! To effectively plan your week, I recommend you follow these tips:

- Write a closed to do list for each day (ranking tasks from top priority to least). By doing this it ensures you get done what needs to be done without getting overwhelmed by a never ending list. 

- Add any appointments or important events happening that week into a calendar app on your phone, this way it reminds you of them & you won't forget. 

- Time block your days! This will help maximise how much you can get done throughout the day, as well as keep you on track & accountable. 


Habit 2: Organise & clean your space 

Having a clean & organised space is key to being productive! When the space you're working in is a hot mess, your mind will likely be the same. It's hard to think straight when you know you've got bucket loads of cleaning to do. Use your Sunday to catch up on any basic tasks (vacuuming, washing, folding, etc). This way your workload will be less throughout the week & it will be easier to keep on top of, allowing time for the more important tasks at hand. 





Habit 3: Meal prep

Let's be real... cooking is FKING time consuming!! And kind of stressful if you've got places to be. It takes a good chunk of time out of the day that could be spent doing more productive things. To solve that issue, there's this thing called meal prep. By meal prepping some meals on Sunday for the next few days ahead, not only does this save you precious time but will also save you some $$$ so you're not buying out as a quick option! 


Habit 4: Write out your goals for the week 

Writing out goals you wish to achieve will help to give structure & clear directive for the week ahead. When doing this I suggest you write down one goal you want to have achieved by the end of the week, then breaking this into smaller daily goals. An example of this could be; by Sunday I want to have gained 150 followers on Instagram, to achieve this I'll need to gain 25 followers each day. 


Habit 5: Self care  

Self care plays an important role in setting yourself up for a productive week! If you're feeling bleh you aren't going to get much done, you'll want to laze around all day. Each Sunday you should set aside an hour or two to focus on self care & improving your mindset for the coming week. Some of my favourite self care activities are:

- Stretching / yoga / meditation

- Journalling 

- Go for a long walk

- Wash / condition hair 

- Read a book 

- Fresh sheets on bed 

- Skincare 


Implement these Sunday habits into your routine & you'll find your week will be totally productive but chill at the same time! 


- Summer (@_summerjane)

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