Read This The Next Time You CBF Going To The Gym...

Read This The Next Time You CBF Going To The Gym...
We know the feeling all too well… you come home after a big day at work, you’ve forgotten your gym clothes so you’ve ducked in to grab your activewear. But 20 minutes later, your desire to hit the gym floor suddenly drops and you conveniently pour yourself a glass of wine and whisper to yourself, “I’ll just go tomorrow…”happens to the best of us right? Ha.
But what about if we could tell you, turning that mentality right around can be as simple as just lacing up your shoes and running out the door. Seriously.
We share our top 5 tips that help us stay motivated whenever we feel like “CBF going to the gym…”
It’s so easy to get caught up in what you’re doing, we often forget WHY we are doing it right? Ask yourself, why did you start this fitness journey? Why is achieving this fitness goal so important to you? Why do you want to feel FitazFK and the best you possibly can be? You know the answer. You will feel so much better once you hit the gym floor and avoid that self-wallowing, bottomless pity of #regret when you DON’T GO. Trust us on this.
You’ve heard it before and we will say it again. Having a training buddy will help you stay accountable and make cancelling that little bit harder. No one likes a flaky friend right? Plus you can turn it into a Fitspo-Date! Hit that class together (we hear there’s some good ones here) followed by a delicious healthy dinner after.


Okay we get it, you’ve been smashing yourself in the gym with brutal workouts and all of a sudden you’ve hit a halt and you really CBF. Perhaps you’re becoming a consequence of your actions. Harsh, but think about it. You’ve forgotten to take it easy and incorporate recovery time! Your lack of motivation could be a sign from your body being too overworked and it may be a sign that you actually need a rest day. Take this opportunity to grab your foam roller, roll out the yoga mat or grab a trigger ball (we’ve got just the thing here) and work ON your body… literally. Hit the gym feeling lighter, more mobil and relaxed tomorrow, chances are, you will probably move better.
The mood-lifting effects of exercise are well established and known, however many people still believe that they have to slog it out at the gym or run for KM’s to really reap the benefits. Wrong! Move your body in a way that you enjoy. Endorphins or happy hormones are stimulated by physical activity, so if you’re feeling down, anxious or angry, chances are, you’ll feel doing your favourite workout at the gym.
The hardest part of this all really is just showing up. But once you’re there, you’ll thank yourself later! Get dressed, get up and get to the gym - have a good warm up, listen to your favourite tunes and get ready for the endorphin rush.