Here’s to our FitazFK Babes From Around The World

Here’s to our FitazFK Babes From Around The World

Our FitazFK programs have been changing the lives of thousands of girls all over the world. Since the beginning, these workouts and nutritional guides have been designed to transform healthy habits into a lifestyle, making our babes feel confident, happy and fitazFK 24/7. 

But if we were to name one thing that makes FitazFK what it is…there’s no doubt in saying that the best thing about the program is the way it can bring people together. 

The program isn’t just a workout…it’s a fking community, bringing girls together from all around the world. The support, love and motivation that each and every legend in our FitazFK fam gives to each other is truly inspiring. That’s why this blog is dedicated to you all FitazFK babes. 

As much as we would love to feature every single one of you, here are a few of our fave FitazFK babes from around the world…

Loren and Amy from Brisbane @lorenrecchi @amyvonparty

Indianna from Sydney @Indithew_

Avril from the USA @avrilmathie

Rockee from Seattle @fitwithrockee

Elixa from the Gold Coast @elixajane

Amelia from Sydney @ameliamarni

Rhiannon from Adelaide @rhiannon.abraham

Holly from the Gold Coast @hollyfraser

Shontina from Melbourne @shontinarose 

Elora from Tahiti @Eloratahiti

Julie from France @julierosebrisson

Kayla from New York @kaylaclrk

Prue from Cairns @pooeybaxter

Dani from the Gold Coast @danibonnor

If it wasn’t for you legends, FitazFK wouldn’t exist!