Not Losing Weight? Maybe You’re HITTing It Too Hard At The Gym

Not Losing Weight? Maybe You’re HITTing It Too Hard At The Gym
Workout fads come and go, whether it’s boxing, HITT training or that virtual spin class, we’ve all at some stage been hooked with some sort of high intensity exercise at different stages of life. And this isn’t a bad thing at all!
It’s good to add variety to your weekly exercise regime, mixing things up to alleviate the boredom of routine, but to also develop a well-rounded physical experience. Focusing on one form of exercise can find you excelling quickly at the workout, but soon lead to a fitness plateau. 
This is essentially when the body becomes accustomed to the exercise and begins to memorise the specific movements conducted, resulting in minor change to the body or a “plateau.” 
For this reason, adding variety and mixing things up is key for a healthy and sustainable fitness regime. But if there’s one form of exercise that we believe should be included in everyone’s weekly workouts, yoga and mediation is a must!
We know what you’re thinking…fk yoga, it’s too slow or I can’t sit still for 5 minutes and mediate. Don’t worry girl, because a lot of us at FitazFK were the exact same. The thought of not breaking a sweat or burning off no energy did not sound appealing at all. 
So many people get caught up in the pursuit of fitness by strictly following high intensity workouts that will have you dripping in sweat every time. These are the types of exercises that make us feel like we’re actually “working out”.…all sweaty with a racing pulse.
But virtually no other form of exercise is as enduring as yoga or meditation. It might not look it, but yoga and mindful exercises does more than just calm the body and stretch the muscles. 
It’s a total mind-body workout that not only burns calories, but combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation. The ultimate workout right! 
This type of low intensity workout provides many benefits like:
  1. Improving your all-round fitness

  2. Increasing your energy levels

  3. Reducing stress and anxiety 

  4. Allows you to breathe better 

  5. Become more mindful and think clearer 

  6. Be happier 

Yoga gives you all that a gym and high intensity workout can, but in a peaceful, calming and more holistic way. It combines aspects of cardio, functional and strength training all in one. 
It can make you emotionally stronger and boosts those serotonin levels (The happiness hormone). With so many benefits, it’s crazy why people haven’t jumped on board the yogi train. 
If you’re a newbie to yoga/mindfulness, a great way to get into the practice is by starting slowly and allocating 5 minutes a day to mediate or get bendy with some yoga moves. This is what we did, along with the help of one of our favourite apps for mediation, Insight Timer !
As you slowly progress, you can increase the time you set aside for yoga or mediation, and in no time you’ll be a pro. If you’re a Brissy Local, make sure to check out our Yoga Classes at our FitazFK Gym.
So as important as it is to huff and puff away at the gym, it’s also essential that we listen to our bodies and nurture them with mindful and soothing forms of movement. 
Being fit in both the mind and body is not something that everyone has mastered. But it’s our goal to get all our FitazFK followers to achieve this optimal level. 
Yoga and mediation has the capacity to transform your mood and health in more ways than you could imagine. It’s a matter of perfecting the balance between hardcore sweating exercises and slow, calming workouts. 
When you have mastered the balance, you’ll find that your overall fitness and health will be at a whole other level. Time to hit the mat!