New Year, New Gym - Boost Your Gym Confidence In 6 Steps

New Year, New Gym - Boost Your Gym Confidence In 6 Steps


We've all been there - booked in for that boxing class because you saw Gigi Hadid do it or you've finally built up the courage to hit the squat rack, only to pull out once you see the super #fitpos hit the gym floor. 

It can be nerve-wracking trying out a new gym or doing something a little different to the usual cardio on the treadmill. But you don't need to be a gym junkie to achieve your 2018 fitness goals. Trust us, half the time, other people are so focused on their own session (or their selfie mirror game). Just kidding... but seriously. 

Every pro was once a beginner, here's how you can enter the gym full of fking confidence, sweat it out like a boss and walk out feeling accomplished.


There's nothing more intimidating than working out in an uncomfortable space. At FitazFK Gym, we're all about making your experience as positive as possible! Think clean design and open floor plans to make you feel at home in the gym. Our team prides themselves on being welcoming, approachable and accommodating. We're not extremists and we're not overbearing - we want you to talk workout in a positive, uplifting, motivating space! 


You know what they say, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. The same goes for gym goers. Before you walk through the door, try to have an idea of exactly which exercises and what weights you're going to use.

You'll feel far more comfortable when you know exactly what you're doing! And when it comes to doing the work, don't let fatigue or intimidation get the better of you - finish those 4 sets just like you said you would! No fking excuses. 


Some of us might be novices to the weights area (you want me to deadlift what?), so why not book in that class you've been dying to try? With more than 42 classes a week at FitazFK Gym, you're bound to find something that you'll fall in love with and kick some serious goals. PLUS booking in a class is a great way to make new friends and really get to know your trainers. 

Our classes aim to cater for all fitness levels. Don’t worry, most people who go to a class for the first time are worried they "aren't fit enough." It's just human nature! But our classes are so achievable, not one person has not finished a class or not returned because they couldn't finish it. We guarantee you'll walk out and ask yourself, "what was I worried about?" 

Try a FREE class at FitazFK Gym. Click here for more info or call us today to book your class: 3108 9531.


Let's get one thing straight - there's nothing wrong with not knowing what to do and learning in the process. After all, what really matters is you're doing what it takes to get bitter, fitter and stronger. You don't have to be "fit enough" to go to the gym. 

So, want to learn a new technique? Plateaued with your workouts? Ask one of our gym trainers for tips or even a workout plan! All our trainers are completely qualified and willing to share a fitness tip or two. Even ask one of our trainers about a tailored fitness program to suit.


If you're not ready to train with the gym crowds, try hitting the floor during off-peak times.  When things are a little slower, it's a little bit easier to feel your way through a new environment and build your confidence at the same time! 


Nothing can make you feel more safe than your #squad! Bring in a friend to partner up with during a class or workout together. But remember to make sure you're both on the same page - more squatting, less chatting. 

Want to achieve your fitness goals once and for all?

Try a FREE class at FitazFK Gym. Click here for more info or call us today.

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