Life Hack: How To Actually Get Into Fitness And Stay There

Life Hack: How To Actually Get Into Fitness And Stay There


You do everything together. Brunch on a Sunday? Check. Tuesday night sushi and goss-sesh? Check. Netflix marathon and ice cream? Check. You and best friend are like a small gang, but you're starting to notice that you may not be living your best life. The solution? Stick together and begin working out. Seems simple enough, right? We know that working out is hard as FK - even before you attempt to hit the gym. The gruelling thought of pushing yourself doesn’t seem like the fitness fairytale. But, having a fitness buddy, better yet, your BFF - can provide a powerful combination of support, accountability, motivation and in some cases, some healthy competition! So here’s how the buddy system will actually get you into fitness, and help you stay there! 

Best form of Motivation

Wrapping your mind around the notion of getting “fit” is one thing, but actually doing it is another. How many times have you said to yourself “I’ll start on Monday” - and nek minnit, it’s Wednesday and you’re eating the legs off a Caramello Koala? Well with a workout buddy, you don’t have the luxury to make your own rules - ‘cause you make them together. If you’ve both agreed to start, say Monday, you’re going to start on Monday. And if you agree to work out after work, sorry kid, you’re going to workout after work. It’s one thing cancelling plans with yourself or letting yourself down, but it’s another to cancel on your bestie who’s counting on you just as much. Don’t be a Debbie Downer, nobody really likes her.

Top Tip: Why not share a private fitness board on Pinterest? You can both pop all your favourite quotes, fitness models, recipe ideas and workout tips here. Not only will this keep you both in sync, but it can be a place to get some extra motivation for those days when you're both feeling the Monday blues.

Share your (dreams) goals!

No one knows you quite like your best friend. She’s the one you turn to after heartbreak, or who analyses every single detail of last night’s date with you. She’s also the perfect person to share all your goals with (and vice versa). You both need a reminder of why you’re even doing this, so write down your fitness goals and be sure to remind each other of them throughout your fitness journey. Whether it's to get a booty like J.Lo or a bikini body like Miranda Kerr, just remember that it takes four to eight weeks for real results of working out regularly to (reeeeally) show, so as long as you’re in this together you’ll smash those goals one at a time!

Plan your schedule in advance

We’re busy, you’re busy, your best friend is busy, too. Weeks come and go faster than you can do a burpee, so it’s probably best that you and your BFF plan a schedule in advance. Every Sunday, set aside at least 30 mins to plan your workouts for the week. If you want to mix it up a bit too, you can include some classes in whatever tickles your fancies. Find a program and follow it (this will also save time trying to figure out what on earth to do). Let someone else do the thinking for you both, and this way you've got each other to stay on track! Just make sure to include time to warm up and down, and also have the right equipment for each workout. (Click here to view our Fitaz in 28 Days guide). 

Embrace your competitive side

Whenever you’re working out with someone else, the intensity is always going to be greater than when you’re alone. If you both have X amounts of squats to do, aim even higher. And what about the distance you have to run? Run further! You don’t want to be the wimp who can’t keep up after 5 minutes of jogging. There’s nothing like some healthy competition to keep you both reaching for those goals.

NB: One key tip when picking your partner. Make sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to athletic ability. A more “fit” partner, won’t get as much out of the experience, as opposed to someone who doesn’t work out. Also, a beginner can feel less motivated (and frustrated) when they’re constantly trying to keep up with a fitter person. If you’re both on the same level, you both can experience the same things and push each other further.

Fitness can be fun! 

Last but not least, working out with your best friend will make your workouts more fun #thankscaptainobvious. Say goodbye to boring treadmills and all-alone-lunges, you’ve now got your bestie by your side. Let’s not begin to think about how much fun it will be shopping for all those cute active wear outfits, or the killer playlist you girls put together, but above all having your favourite person by your side (and erm, going through the exact same thing as you) will only make fitness fun.You can take turns leading each other through exercises, and give each other support. You'll laugh at each other's attempts at squatting, cry from the pain after "leg day" - but if your best friend doesn’t make fitness fun, the basically no one will. 

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