Less Time In The Gym = Better Results

Less Time In The Gym = Better Results
Put your hands up if you're hanging out to spend hours at the gym, flogging yourself on the treadmill to blast those calories? Yeah didn't think so.
Now there's nothing wrong with a good, intense, sweaty, endorphins filled workout, but gone are the days where you need to clock in more overtime at the gym to reap the rewards and reduce that waistline.
It's not a secret pill or magical tea, it all comes down to a little thing called the FitazFK method  - and at FitazFK Gym we live and breathe by it.  
The FitazFK method is unique and like no other - revving your metabolism for 28 minutes of work and continues to blast for hours after, even while you sleep! It's the foundation of our online fitness guides and FK classes at FitazFK Gym.
Adapting elements of HIT training, mixed with strength, our FK classes are the mother of all workouts in mere minutes. And the best part? You can literally incorporate it into any type of training. From boxing to spin to full body workouts. PS. Did we mention this method puts you in the ultimate fat burning zone?


- It's quick and super efficient. Squeeze in a workout just before work or see the benefits just a few weeks before a big event! Our FK classes are only 28 minutes, meaning, you've got more time for all the other stuff in life!

Think about it, work wraps up at 5PM - you don't want to wait around for the next class at 6PM right? Check in at 5.20PM & get ready for your class to start at 530PM. Still trying to find an excuse not to work out in the morning? All you need is less than half an hour! Start at 630AM, and you're out by 7AM. Too fking good! 

- The FK method pushes you in the ultimate fat burning zone. Don't worry, it's not as scary as you think. Our FK classes are designed to be achievable every single time. Each workout incorporates enough rest between your muscle groups before working the next one, so you are guaranteed to walk away feeling accomplished from every session. Every rep in the class helps you squat lower, jump higher and push harder, all while keeping your technique on point. 

- You boost your metabolism, meaning not only are you burning fat during your workout, but for hours thereafter. Even while you’re sleeping! Not to mention our workouts are focused on maintaining your ultimate heart rate level to ensure you’re using fat as your fuel source. Hello FitazFK abs!

- Helps you push through plateaus. Our FK classes change constantly and are different every single time, so you'll constantly keep your body guessing and you'll never be bored! Get ready to become addicted to seeing results. 

Keen to try the FK method for yourself?

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