Keeping The Mind Calm In Stressful Times

Keeping The Mind Calm In Stressful Times

It's safe to say 2020 so far has been nothing like we all expected, throwing surprise spanners in the works here, there & everywhere.

At times like this when we're forced to let go of the comfortableness & routine of our everyday lives, the sudden changes can force a lot of unwanted stress & anxiety.

When we're feeling overwhelmed it's important we take the time to slow down, reset & calm our minds. 


Here's 5 tips for keeping the mind calm in stressful times: 

1. Exercise regularly 

Regular exercise has been proven to increase positive moods & decrease feelings of anxiety & stress. At anytime you're feeling overwhelmed take a few minutes out of your day to go for a long walk or smash out a workout. This will not only increase your mood in the moment but will overall in the long run increase your self esteem & confidence which can limit the amount of stress & anxiety you feel. 


2. Limit time spent on social media 

With so much spare time on our hands it can be easy to sit & mindlessly scroll through instagram hours on end.  Too much time spent on socials can have a negative effect on your mindset- you can begin to compare yourself to others. Limiting time spent on social media will not only help to keep your mind calm & clear but it will allow you to focus your time elsewhere. 




3. Focus on self improvement 

Do not underestimate the power of self love & improvement! Pin point when you feel most at unease & how you react to those feelings, make it a goal of yours to change the way you look at situations. By focusing on self improvement you're both keeping your mind occupied but also giving yourself something to be proud of further down the track. This will improve you're how your mind reacts to stressful times in the future. 



4. Eat clean 

There's nothing worse than fuelling your body with fatty & high sugar foods. These foods - in particular sugars - are known to increase feelings of anxiety. Not only this but as a result you'll find that your body & mind will feel sluggish & run down. By eating clean & fuelling your body with wholesome & nutritious foods you'll feel better about yourself & your mind will feel clearer. 



5. Keep yourself & mind busy 

At times when you're feeling stressed if you're sitting around doing nothing this gives you more time to think & overthink. The best tactic to avoid stressing yourself out is to distract yourself & keep your self busy. You can do this by teaching yourself a topic you're interested in, catching up with friends, writing down what you're grateful for, working on personal goals, etc. 



I promise you if you implement these 5 tips for keeping your mind calm & improving your mood, you'll be saying goodbye to all your worries in no time. By eliminating negative feelings & opening our minds up to positivity we're setting ourselves up for success. Stressful times are an opportunity to change your attitude & focus on self improvement. Remember to take control of the situation & don't allow stress & anxiety to rule you. 


- Summer (@_summerjane)