Iso Bucket List

Iso Bucket List

Isolation... the very definition of boredom. With restrictions basically confining us to our homes, I'm sure we're all starting to go a little crazy. 

I've already finished Netflix more than once so I think it's safe to say it's time to find some new hobby's to fill our days at home! To help kill a little time (because who really knows how long iso's going to last for!) I've put together a few activities to keep us all occupied in the meantime.


1. Get Fitazfk! 

If there's a time for getting that Summer bod now would be it! With just about every IG business doing live workouts (including FitazFK) most days of the week, it makes it that much easier for you to join in & smash out a workout. Working out will help to improve your overall wellbeing (get those endorphins flowing girl!) and hopefully give you something to look forward to each day! 


2. Create A Vision Board

In such uncertain time's it can be easy to lose focus on what's important to us. That's why it's important to remind ourselves of what it is we want, who we want to be and where we want to go & a vision board happens to be the perfect tool to do so. 


3. Try A New Recipe 

You've got no excuses to not eat healthy or try out a new recipe you've been meaning to cook, with so much time on our hands. Use this time to save money you would usually spend on take out & become a pro in the kitchen. In time's like this it's important to fuel our body's with healthy & nutritious foods, of course sneaking in the occasional treat! Looking for a new recipe to try out? There's plenty on our blog, just click here


4. Do A Guided Meditation

For some the uncertainty of not knowing when we can carry on with our lives sparks some anxiety and stress. In these moments it's helpful to slow and calm the mind. A good way to do this (I personally find this extremely therapeutic & useful) is to do a guided meditation. Not only does it slow our thinking down but it calms the whole body & helps to find solid ground again. 


5. Call A Friend 

Stay connected!! We may not be able to socialise nearly as much as we normally would (especially on the weekend!) which makes this the perfect time to contact someone we haven't spoken with in a while. Thanks to a little thing called technology we have other ways to chat with our friends & loved ones. Take a few minutes everyday to call one friend! It will help you feel like you still have some normality in your life, plus you get to virtually hang with your mates! What could be better than that?




6. Set A Goal 

Iso can get a little unproductive & directionless at times so take this as an opportunity to achieve something. By setting yourself both long & short term goals you're giving yourself something to work on both while in iso and further on when we can resume our everyday lives. A short term goal needs to achievable in the time period iso lasts for and contribute to your overall long term goal. For example my short term goal is to work out every day so I can maintain some level of fitness, this way by the time iso is a thing of the past and gyms can re-open I'll be able to achieve my long term goal which is to work back up to my current PB's and smash new ones! This will help to keep your mind stimulated and busy, giving you a focus point and something to look forward to. 


7. Support Local Businesses  

Just because we can't sit & enjoy our morning coffee or Friday night take out doesn't mean we can't still indulge in treats from our favourite cafe's and restaurants here & there. In fact there's never been a better time for it. With many businesses struggling it's important we support our locals as much as we can! 


8. Listen To A Podcast 

Feeling uninspired & have no clue what it is you should be doing right now? Podcasts are the perfect place to start for re-sparking motivation & opening the mind to new ways of thinking, plus you can learn a thing or two at the same time. 


9. Day Dream About Your Next Vacation 

I'm just as keen to jump on an airplane to Santorini as the next person. So why not bring the vacation to us in the meantime. Lay out in the sun & day dream about your favourite places while you tan, scroll through Pinterest & create a board of all the places you wish to visit or even play some tunes that will have you reminiscing on your last overseas trip!  


10. Pick Up A New Hobby 

Had your heart set on learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby but just haven't made the time for it? With spare time on our hands, now's your chance! And what's even better is you can do this from the comfort of your own home, you don't even have to leave your bed! 


Hopefully you can use this time to discover a new passion, do that thing you've been putting off or simply just enjoy the down time! Iso may be putting 2020 on hold but that doesn't mean we have to put ourselves and our goals on hold with it. Let's come out of iso better & stronger than we went in!

- Summer (@_summerjane