How To Train Like a Victoria's Secret Angel, FitazFK Style

How To Train Like a Victoria's Secret Angel, FitazFK Style

To be given premium ‘angel status’, and abs of steel we all know good genes play a part, but the rest comes down to some serious fking training!

Ever wondered how Victoria's Secret models maintain their amazingly-trim figures? Yep, us too. This thought is normally had whilst sitting on the couch, in our track-pants, bingeing on leftovers and watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

With this years Victoria’s Secret Fashion show fast approaching, rumours are beginning to swirl around how many training sessions the catwalk stars REALLY complete during the lead up to the most anticipated fashion event of the year.

The reputation of the models’ workouts precedes them as the “body of an Angel” is put on a pedestal as the most sculpted physique in fashion. So we’ve done some digging to find out exactly what style of training and exercises the angels are slaying in the gym to get those washboard abs of steel and legs that go for days.

If you fancy taking a leaf out of Gigi Hadids book (which we totally recommend), then look no further than her signature go-to; high intensity boxing and interval training. That’s right, Victoria’s Secret models are big boxing fans!

Gigi’s not the only top model who knows how to throw a punch, either. Even Adriana Lima and Josephine Skriver have jumped on the boxing bandwagon and are totally obsessed with their HIIT, full body workouts.

Offering a high intensity cardiovascular workout, Boxing has been proven to be one of the best forms of full body exercise. Combining a blend of punching, dodging and agility, it puts every single muscle in your body into action!

Not only does this style of training sculpt, tone and shape your body, it reaps loads of benefits that will leave your body, mind and soul feeling fking amazing!  

Our FitazFk Boxing classes will teach you the correct techniques in optimal body and strength control. Work hard, and you will simultaneously achieve new levels of fitness while learning how to defend yourself and increase your confidence.

Be trained by the pro’s and be on a path to achieving leaner muscles and invigorated strength in your legs, core and butt, just like the angels.

Even if boxing isn’t your thing, FitazFK has got you covered. Our FitazFk program creates the perfect roadmap to your dream angel body that’ll leave you feeling runway ready in no time (28 days to be exact!).

Don’t stress, we provide you with all the essential tools to keep you motivated and focussed during this journey! In only 28 days you will be left feeling leaner than ever and equipped with the tools to create a health foundations for a FitazFK lifestyle.

Itching to get moving and put on a pair of gloves? Come check out our next FitazFK boxing class on us!

Perhaps you prefer to learn one-on-one? Join one of our boxing trainers and Australia’s Middleweight Champion, Faris “Le Fox” Chevalier for a session! He’ll have you punching like a pro in no time.

Congratulations - you now hold the secrets to achieving angel status, FitazFK style!

Watch out Gigi, I think we’ve got some new Victoria’s Secret angels in training….


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