How To Stay On Track This Holiday Season

How To Stay On Track This Holiday Season
  Party season is officially in full swing- lot's of celebrations, good food & bevies! It can be hard staying on track when all you want to do is indulge & let loose. The temptation to make a million excuses & go full hardcore party mode is real. But is it really worth putting your fitness goals on hold until the new year? 
Lucky for you, it's possible to let your inner party animal out & stay on track with your fitness at the same time! 
Here are our TOP 5 TIPS to help you stay on track & enjoy yourself this holiday season: 

1. Create a balance (flexible eating, working out & indulging) 

Creating a balance is key when it comes to staying on track during the holiday season. You can't eat poorly & party hard every day, just like how you're not going to want to hit the gym & eat clean everyday - you need to have an even balance between the two. 

When creating this balance you need to prioritise which events are most important to you. This way you can set yourself some boundaries & delegate your time. 

Know when you're going to be indulging so you can make a plan to eat clean & fit in a gym sesh on the days you aren't. 

2. Plan ahead

At this time of the year we're all crazy busy with lot's of commitments which is why it's super important to plan ahead. 

Planning ahead means you can plan to eat well & train hard around those events where you want to indulge & enjoy yourself!  

Did we mention it also leaves no room for excuses! Not preparing is preparing to fail. If you have a plan in place there's no reason why you can't stay on track & have your moments of indulgence at the same time.

  3. Maximise your time spent working out 

Maximise your time spent working out. You don't need to be spending hours in the gym to see results. A half an hour workout performed at max effort would be more effective than an hour long workout done at 50% effort. 

Work smarter not harder when it comes to working out. If you have a 30 minute window in your day where you're do nothing, take advantage of this time to be active & get your body moving. 

It doesn't have to be a full on weights session, it could as simple as going for a walk or run. Something is always better than nothing.


4. Don't deprive yourself

So many people think it's a great idea to starve themselves or eat very little in the lead up to events where you'll be indulging. When in fact you're actually doing more damage than good by doing this.

By starving yourself, you're setting yourself up to binge on food later in the day & you'll most likely end up consuming more calories than what you would have if you ate small, nutritious meals throughout the day. Don't deprive yourself! Your body still needs fuel & nutritious foods. 

5. Remember your goals 

Constantly be reminding yourself why it is you started & what it is you want to achieve.  By throwing in the towel & putting your fitness goals on hold until the new year, all you're doing is setting yourself back. Ask yourself, "Is it really worth undoing my hard work just so I can party hard all month long?". Keep your goals in mind & you'll find it's more than easy to create a balance of maintaining your progress & allowing yourself to have fun at the same time. 

- Summer (@_summerjane)