How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise This Winter

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise This Winter

Winter folks, is no longer coming. It’s here. And rest assured, you’re not the only one struggling to make it to the gym. If you’re already finding it difficult to maintain the exercise routine you managed to perfect in the summer, you’re not alone. Whether it be getting yourself to a gym, heading out for a run on a cold dark winter’s morning, or a dreaded after-work workout, we've got a few tips to help you motivate yourself to exercise this winter. The plus side? Exercise elevates your heart rate, which means your body temperature increases! Woo!

Have the right gear

The truth is, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices. If you’re heading outdoors, then you should invest in some good AF quality winter activewear. We’re talking thermal leggings, gloves, windbreakers, beanies – the lot! Not only will keeping warm make outdoor training much more comfortable, but it’ll prevent you from catching a chill. Bonus: there’s nothing like new activewear to get you motivated to show off your new threads in or out of the gym!

Make a plan

It’s only human nature that your fitness regime might alter in winter. But just as with most things, setting out a plan to your goals is a great way to stay motivated.  As summer bodies are made in the winter, start to set goals that’ll keep you smashing your workouts. Whether it’s simply to feel better about yourself, change your body or even just to de-stress, once your goals are set, you can create a plan to get there, even if it’s just adding the workouts into your diary. Give your scheduled workouts significance - pretend they’re an important appointment you can’t miss. Do this for you, and only you. We promise it’ll be worth it.

Join a class

It is probably the best time ever to be a fitness fanatic in Australia right now, with so many fun and interesting classes at your disposal. Classes like barre, spinning, dancing, hot yoga or boxing must seem much more appealing than running on your lonesome in the cold, right? Even just the class-cancellation fee is a great motivation for you to get there on time. Although, if you’re a runner at heart - we couldn’t possibly take that away from you. Try joining a running group, and let something other than just running motivate you. A running group is a great way to meet interesting people, set group goals and possibly find new exciting places – and above all, keep you motivated.

Stay inside

Baby, we know it’s cold outside. The solution: stay inside. Cold weather outside isn’t any excuse for you not to exercise inside, even if you don’t have a gym membership. You can easily workout in your very own home with just a towel and your own bodyweight. There’s a whole heap of free workouts you can find on youtube that require zero equipment. If you need a little extra help, our FitazFK App has a whole heap of exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home. And bonus? No journey to a gym means extra bed time.  Excuses be gone!