How to De-bloat and Shed Body Fat Fast

How to De-bloat and Shed Body Fat Fast


The only thing that is constant is change. So if you’re looking for a change in your life, then you’ve come to the right place. When we created the Fitaz in 28 Days guide, we wanted to create a program that was short-term and effective – something that was going to make a difference to your health and fitness long after completing the guide. Now, it’s safe to say the beginning of anything is always the hardest part. But it’s Phase 1 of our guide where you’ll see the real difference. Phase 1 not only helps you debloat so that you can show off that tummy, but you also shed 2-4 kgs in 7 days.  If you’re looking for a quick health fix with real results, read below.


Phase 1 will test your limits, your patience and your strength. But, you’re a tough chick – so we know you’ll pull through. If your body is used to relying on sugar, then this will be even harder than you thought #soznotsoz. For 7 days you have to avoid dairy, sugar and artificial sweeteners. Oh, and you kiss gluten goodbye (c’mon – just for one week).

Phase 1 is all about optimising your body’s ability to flush your liver and kidneys, as well as rid itself of all those nasty toxins. This is crucial for your challenge – as a healthy liver and kidneys burns more fat effectively, after all. The rapid weight loss and de-bloating within a 7 day timeframe is due to your body’s enhancement of cleansing and detoxing. During Phase 1 it’s important to follow the the food and exercises to a T to get maximum results. After just 7 days, you’ll look better and feel better, too! Just remember to keep your fluids up the whole time.


Planning your meals is one the most important elements of Phase 1 to get the results you’re looking for. We’ve got a whole heap of recipes to get you through the week (that are actually tasty, too!) that are gut friendly. Simply decide which meals you’ll have on which days – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and write down your shopping list. You can also repeat some meals too to save some cashola!


Think of your shopping list like an unbreakable contract (with yourself) – and it’s also the fun part! Buy ONLY what’s on your list and don’t get sidetracked by the latest Pringles on sale. Remember that you’re doing this for you, and if you’re going to make shortcuts from the beginning – you won’t get the results you desire. Oh, and remember – don’t go grocery shopping while you’re hungry!


The words “failing to prepare, is preparing to fail” were never more accurate. Rinse, slice, bag repeat! Saute, steam, bake what is essential, rinse your fruits and veggies and pre-slice so you can get packing. Invite a friend over to join and play some K.A tunes to get the most out of your prepping.



We get it. Life gets busy, you’re busy, your dog’s busy, the lot. But in order to get maximum results in minimal time, one must squat and STFU. Our Fitaz in 28 Days guide incorporates two different types of fitness training: Resistance Training and Cardio Training. Resistance training is broken down in each phase (and lucky for you – we’re a little easy on you in Phase 1). Each session is designed to increase your movement and functionality, as well as improve muscle definition aka getting those abs up to the surface.

Your job in Phase 1, is to set the bar for the rest of the guide. You need to be aware of the muscle groups you are targeting with each exercise, and maintain your movements to correct your posture and form. It’s important to do this early on, to prevent injuries but most of all to get the most out of your workout.

Because of your strict diet the first week, it’s completely normal to feel tired during your workout and exhausted after. This will seem even harder if you’re a newbie to the fitness game. But little by little, day by day you’ll reach your goal and shed those first stubborn kilos.

Can’t wait to get started? We can’t wait to see!

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