How to Celebrate Christmas Without Any Extra Weight

How to Celebrate Christmas Without Any Extra Weight

Fk it, it’s Christmas. There’s pavlova, trifle, bbq, booze and pavlova (again). And because you’re only human, you’re just going to want to eat, well... everything. It’s perfectly normal to enjoy a good Chrissie feast on such a festive day, and yeah, you might feel bloated, heavy and even dive right into a food coma at the days end, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The great news is that you can do all this and not put on any KG’s #winning! With a few post-Christmas-day tips and tricks, here’s how to celebrate Christmas without any extra weight.

One day only

Don’t you just love Christmas? One day of the year where you can fill up your belly like Santa Claus and not feel bad at all. But while you’re busy being merry, try not to forget that Christmas is just one day. It’s not Christmas Eve, it’s certainly not Boxing Day, it ain't your office Christmas party either. Your body won’t change overnight just because you stuffed your face on Christmas day… we can’ say the same though, if you choose to continue eating the same way over the following few days.

Go for a stroll

Movement improves digestion and helps the body burn some of the calories you consume instead of storing them as fat. Taking a walk (walk peeps, not run!) right after a heavy meal, has two benefits that support weight loss. For starters, you’ll begin to burn those calories - a half-hour walk at a steady pace uses 120 to 178 calories. Secondly, low-intensity physical exercise at any time rather, helps lower the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. And we all should know that keeping your body sugar balances is important for weight loss. When your blood sugar is high, you body stores the excess sugar as fat, while also preventing existing fat from being used for energy. In short, go for a stroll after a heavy meal!

Stop counting calories

Stop right now, thank you very much. You need to consume about 5,500 calories to gain half a kilo, which is highly unlikely to have happened on Christmas day. Even if you ate an entire chocolate souffle, a whole turkey with cranberry sauce, a six pack of beers and a bucket of KFC (please don’t!) you still won’t reach that calorie count. So, even if you wake up the next morning, weigh yourself and see that the numbers have increased, chill, and remember that it’s just fluid retention that you’ll overcome very quickly, by following a balanced meal plan.

Choose your next move wisely

After a day of scoffing your face, you want to wise about your next moves so you don’t completely blow it. Make sure you fall back on your good eating habits quick smart. If there’s leftover turkey, be sure to fill 80% of your plate with vegetables and the rest with some of that lean protein. A healthy balanced diet is an ideal way to get back on track.

Down that H2O

Drinking water helps you keep fuller for longer, and as a result, consume fewer calories. Rather glugging down sugar-loaded soft drinks, juices and alcohol (which are totally associated with increased body fat and blood pressure fyi), treat yourself to a glass of refreshing cold water with a splash or fresh berries or citrus. We know we said it’s one day, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay hydrated and keep your allegiance to water for the majority of the day.