How To Adopt A Positive Mindset

How To Adopt A Positive Mindset
Having a positive mindset is a powerful tool that provides many great benefits! You'll find when having a positive outlook on life it will boost your confidence, make you more productive, give you a clear state of mind & improve your mood. 
Positive thinking doesn't mean ignoring all of life's displeasures but rather taking a different approach to those challenges- thinking of them as a lesson as opposed to a punishment! 
It can be a struggle & take some time to get yourself into a positive mindset & more importantly stay in it! To help combat that problem, here are my biggest tips to adopt & maintain a positive mindset!  


1. Focus on the good, no matter how small
When you take the time to focus on & appreciate the good in your day, you're automatically creating a train of positive thoughts! The reality is there's good all around you no matter how big or how small, you just need to be looking for it to see it. You need to snap out of that funk you may be in & open your mind up!
2. Surround yourself with positive people
It's no secret that positivity is contagious! When you surround yourself with positive & supportive people their positivity is going to rub off on you & help you to be in that driven mindset we're all so desperate to have. You want to have a circle of people are going to support you & lift you up, helping you through those hard times & to reach your goals! 
3. Do things that make you happy
It's so important to do the things that bring you happiness & fulfil you! It's hard to think positively if you aren't enjoying your day to day life. Try to give yourself at least an hour each day of 'YOU' time- take some time out for yourself & do something that will out a smile on your face! This could be absolutely anything; catching up with a friend, going for a workout, having a self care night, anything that you love do it! 


4. Reframe your challenges 
When you come across a challenge or feel as though you're constantly being knocked on your ass, take a moment to notice your thinking. Are you looking at the situation with a negative or positive mindset? Chances are you're most likely looking at it from a negative point of view. Stop those negative thoughts in their tracks right away!! Reframe your way of thinking through these hard times. Go into the situation with a 'what lesson is this teaching me mindset' rather than a 'why am I being punished mindset' & your problems will no longer seem so bad. 
5. Practise gratitude
Practising gratitude has so many benefits like reducing stress, improving self esteem & creating grit & resilience throughout those challenging times! When practising gratitude try thinking of a person, place or thing that brings you happiness or comfort, then write it down. This allows you to see it, take it in & appreciate it. Take the time at least once a day to express gratitude for the good in your life, preferably in the morning as it will put you in a good headspace for the day ahead! 
Try to make a conscious effort each day to put these tips into practise & eventually having a positive mindset will just be a habit! 
- Summer (@_summerjane)