How The 8WC Nutrition Plan Works

How The 8WC Nutrition Plan Works

Nutrition's pretty simple- food is fuel! 

The FitazFK 8 Week nutrition plan is designed to allow your body to drop excess body fat & fluid whilst still providing the body sufficient amounts of energy & nourishment. 

Each different phase of our workouts is accompanied by a different phase of food or 'eating'. We've broken down each phase for you & tried to keep it as simple as possible so you can still be enjoying the foods that you love! 


It's no secret that phase 1 can be the toughest of them all, in particular if you're a caffeine addict, sugar loving, carb obsessed kinda person. But stick with it. By eating low G.I., those sugar highs and lows will stabilise and you’ll find yourself with more energy to get you through the day and most importantly, your workout. Say goodbye to that 3.30pm slump and hello to more increased steady energy levels throughout the day. PLUS you’ll start to reduce the amount of excess fluid your body might be retaining.

It’s time to also say goodbye to that morning coffee. Or any coffee that is. To give your body the ultimate chance to achieve maximum results, swap that morning coffee for a cup of green tea instead. For the long-black lovers... don’t stress! This is just for phase 1. Stay with us!


In this second part of the guide, we step things up a notch with training. You’ll find yourself burning more fire, which ultimately, means an increase in more fuel. Phase 2 continues with a low G.I. diet however a slight increase in the amount of good quality carbs to help perform at your peak during your FitazFK sessions that day.


After completing phase 3, we hope to have given you the sufficient tools to create your own eating plan for a healthy, nourishing lifestyle. In phase 3, we also introduce, cheat meals (Insert hi-five emoji here). But don’t let all of your hard work go to waste; we’ll show you how to allow for these cheat meals around social occasions. Talk about a triple threat – with this new food knowledge; you’ll be a nourishing weapon in no time.