This is the Best Time to Workout During the Day

This is the Best Time to Workout During the Day


There are two types of people in the world: those who train in the morning, and those who train in the afternoon (oh, and the third type of peeps who don’t train at all ha! #soznotsoz) So, when is the right time to train? Does the early bird get the worm? Will you lose more weight working out at night? While there’s no definitive answer as to when you should break out a sweat, we’ve put together the facts so you can see which time is right for you! Read below to find out if you should hit the gym before sunrise, or hit the snooze button three (or five) more times!

The benefits of a morning workout:

Kick start your day with an energy boost

El woods said it best, exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy! Apart from elevating your mood, a morning working will help you feel more energised so you can face the day! More importantly, working out in the AM means you’ll have oodles of energy throughout the day, so you’ll be a whole lot more mentally alert and sharper making decision to be successful! Best of all, you won't have any morning blues!

Is it better if you want to lose weight?

The answer is a big, fat yes! Working out in the morning on an empty stomach (don’t eat breakfast, yo!) will help your body to lose weight. How? By utilising fat as your main fuel source of energy, you’re kickstarting your metabolism early, so you can burn more fat stores (instead of carbs from food) and hence lose weight!Research shows that people can burn up to 20% more body fat exercising on an empty stomach - which is a whole lot easier doing it first thing in the morning. Top tip: make sure you’re using 60% - 80% of your max heart rate to get results. None of this “strolling” business!

P.S. If you’re wanting to train in the morning to keep FitazFK rather than lose weight, make sure to eat breakfast 45 mins - 1 hour before training. You’ll need to include carbs in your meal so you are able to push that extra bit harder.

To sum it up, train on an empty stomach if your goal is to drop fat, eat an hour before if your main focus is to improve your fitness. 

You get it over and done with!

Standard scenario: you’re at work, you’ve barely made it to 3 pm in the office without falling asleep, and when it’s time to unchain yourself from your wretched desk you’ve promised a gym session after work. The only problem being - you can’t be fked and feel totally lethargic! Sound familiar?

Getting your workout over and done with first thing in the morning means you’ve got the whooole day to yourself (well, apart from having to work! Oops). You don’t have to worry about your energy levels after work, or only getting in ONE episode of *insert series obsession*, or last-minute bevvies with workmates - because you’ve already got your workout in, you champ!  

The benefits of an afternoon workout:

You get more Z’s

Let’s be honest here - no one likes getting up at the crack of dawn - especially when it’s FREEZING outside (if you do, then… no comment.) There’s a small comfort in having to press the magical snooze button more than ‘say’ times. Well, the great news is, if you’re planning an afternoon workout, you darling girl, can get your extra beauty sleep! You don’t have to worry about packing a change of clothes, grabbing a post-workout brekkie, showering, nudda. Also, If you’re not a morning person, don’t force yourself to get up, not only will you not put as much effort into your morning routine as you would later in the day, but you could totally disrupt your sleep schedule, and leave yourself wide awake when you should be snoozing.

Sweat out the frustrations of the day

Had one of those days in the office? Wish you could punch your boss in the pie hole? Great! (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!) Thank goodness you’ve got your afternoon workout to let off some steam! Evening workouts can help with all those anxieties and frustrations you’ve built up during the day. Think of an afternoon workout like your very own de-stress sesh, it helps you ease your mind and gets some of that energy flowing right back into your body.

You’re more flexible in the afternoon

Your body’s temperature is imperative in determining the quality of your workout. A cold body in the morning means stiff muscles, which can result in injuries and muscle pulls. A warmer body means that muscles a lot more flexible. In the late afternoon, your body temperature is at its peak, meaning your joints and muscles are a lot more flexible in the evening, making you less prone to injuries. Research done by the University of Austin, Texas found that joints and muscles are as much as 20 percent more flexible in the evening. Top tip: whichever time of day you chose to work out, make sure you take the time to warm up and cool down as advised in ALL our guides!

What’s the verdict?

Let’s be real here. Working out - whether it be in the morning or the afternoon is the best thing for you. It’s important that YOU find a routine that’s realistic, consistent, and works best for you. Try different times of the day to see what makes you feel like a fking boss so you can determine what time suits you best. And hey, your schedule can change day-to-day (we’re only human), so don’t put so much pressure on which time you should be working out.

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