Giving 100% Without Burning Out

Giving 100% Without Burning Out
With a crazy busy schedule it's inevitable you're going to experience burnout at some stage. Burn out is generally caused from overloading your body & mind for an extensive period of time. 
It's not something you want to get into a cycle of- performing at your best for an extended period of time then going through a burnout period for the same amount of time- as it affects your performance & productivity levels. 
There are numerous ways to avoid & minimise burning out regularly: 
1. Know your breaking point
The number one place to start when making an effort to avoid burning out is to know your breaking point. Begin to learn how much your body can withstand before it starts to slow down & recognise when it needs a break. 
When nearing your breaking point it's important to reduce exposure to stressors as much as you can. By implementing strategies to reduce pressure & stress before reaching breaking point you'll be able to avoid that burnt out stage. 


2. Make downtime a daily ritual 
Daily downtime is a must! By doing so you're minimising the chances of overloading your body as you're giving it a chance to catch up & restore the energy it has expanded throughout the day. 
Schedule in an hour each day to make time for you! This could be having a self care arvo, watching a movie, going for a walk- anything that helps to relax & calm your mind & body! 


3. Seperate work & play 
There needs to be a fine line between between work & play. Know when to switch off from work mode & allow yourself some time for fun. Anytime outside of your paid working hours is for YOU! Put down the phone, put down the laptop & allow yourself to kickback. Book that holiday you've been dying to go on, catch up with that friend you've been missing or go spend the day at the beach catching some rays. 
4. Learn to say no 
A lot of the time you find yourself getting burnt out when you take on a workload that is more than you can handle. You need to find balance- a workload that you can keep on top of that is maintainable. 
If you're a workaholic & are struggling to cut back, start to prioritise your work. Pin point what work is more important & start saying no to the rest. Remember you are one person & can only do so much. 


5. Prioritise a healthy lifestyle 
When you're invested in living a healthy lifestyle, things like clean eating & exercising really help to keep your body in top condition. Exercise is the most effective way to relieve stress as it get's those good endorphins flowing, in turn minimising those feelings of being overwhelmed & stressed. As far as clean eating goes it's essential to fuel your body with all the nutrients & energy it needs so it can glide through those busy days with ease. 


- Summer (@_summerjane