The Right Way To Build That Peach

The Right Way To Build That Peach
Getting the perfectly shaped booty would have to be the hardest thing to achieve in life (girls we all know the struggle)! In reality building your glutes is actually quite simple - that's if you are using a solid, well built program to get there.
We all want to tone, sculpt, grow & build that peach but to achieve so the following tips should be taken into consideration! 

1. Release your glutes (goodbye dead butt syndrome!)
Have you ever found yourself squatting or thrusting but you just can't feel your glutes? This is what we like to refer to as "Dead Butt Syndrome" or "Gluteal Amnesia"- this occurs when your glutes don't know how to activate! Unactivated glutes are the number one factor to why so many don't achieve their dream booty despite being on that hardcore training grind.  
Gluteal amnesia arises from being seated all day (something our bodies aren't designed to do) causing the hip flexors to seize up. Tight hip flexors don't allow optimal mobility which is why your glutes aren't fully engaged throughout exercise!  
But don't stress... dead butt syndrome can be easily fixed! By adopting a simple glute stretch & release routine you can complete on the daily, your glutes will be fully engaged in no time!

2. Activate your glutes prior to working out
It's so so important to fire up those glutes & warm up prior to commencing exercise! It's a non negotiable as it keeps your sessions injury free. Without activation of the glutes to wake them up & let them know they're being used other muscle groups tend to take the load! This results in your glutes not changing & other muscle groups growing (hello quads!) that you may not want growth for. 
For effective glute activation you should foam roll, stretch then do some activation work! When foam rolling & stretching, this should focus on increasing mobility of the hip flexors, glutes, lower back & hamstrings as these are the main body parts with load placed on them whilst training glutes!
As for activation exercises you should select 2-3 that are relevant to the workout you're about to do (this means selecting exercises with a similar plane of movement, e.g. you'll be doing hip thrusts so choose a glute bridge or banded hip thrust as your activation exercise). You'll then complete these in a circuit style of 3 sets, 20 reps for each exercise! 
3. Prioritise recovery 
Prioritising recovery is so so important when it comes to training glutes. As they are such a large muscle & glute training sessions tend to be quite intense, they take a little longer to recover then most muscle groups! Taking a rest day allows for microscopic tears in your muscle tissues torn during exercise to recover & grow. This in turn will prevent muscle fatigue & ensure you're body is well rested to restore energy stores. Recovery will also help to ensure you aren't overtraining your glutes- if you're constantly tearing muscle tissue but aren't allowing it proper time to repair your glutes aren't going to grow! 


4. Utilise specific booty training 
Utilising specific booty training is an obvious one when it comes to building your glutes. You'll want to ensure you're doing a booty focused workout 3 times throughout the week that include a variety of glute focused exercises such as band work, deadlifts, squats, thrusts, etc. All movements should be controlled focusing on a strong mind muscle connection (MMC) of the muscle groups you are targeting!
A strong MMC recruits more muscle fibres which improve muscle recruitment during lifts. To achieve MMC you should think about where you're suppose to feel the stimulus as apposed to where you're feeling the stimulus. 


5. Incorporate progressive overload
Progressive overload (PO) creates muscle tension over time which forces the muscles to adapt by growing. The bulk of muscle gains will come from muscle tension which can be achieved through the below forms of PO. As the glutes are such a large muscle without PO they aren't going to grow which is why it's so important you incorporate PO techniques in all your glute focused workouts! 

There are many forms of PO, however these are found to be the most effective for glute growth: 

1. Lift the same load with increased range of motion

2. Lift the same load & volume with the perfect form & control

3. Lift the same load increased reps

4. Lift a heavier load & increase the intensity

5. Lift the same load & volume with a shorter rest period

6. Increase sets with same load & reps

7. Increase frequency throughout the week

8. Increase intensity of effort through; past failure technical failure, drop sets, static holds, rest pause & partial reps

It might sound like a lot of work but once you have these practises down pat your glutes will be peachy in no time! Still don't feel comfortable to build your glutes on your own? Shop our booty program now to achieve the booty of your dreams! 


Summer (@_summerjane)