New To Fitness? 5 Hacks To Help You Achieve Your Goals

New To Fitness? 5 Hacks To Help You Achieve Your Goals
Newbies to the fitness scene can find it really confronting & overwhelming when thinking about starting their fitness journey simply because they have no idea where to start. The first thing anyone who's looking for guidance would do would be google random workouts, etc. Most of the time you're actually seeking the wrong information which is why so many beginners struggle to find their feet. 
Beginners don't worry, I've got you guys. I was in that position once too. So with that said here are my TOP 5 fitness tips for beginners! 
1. Clearly define your goals
If you have no idea what it is you want out of exercising, you'll be walking around like a lost puppy not knowing where to start. As a beginner you want to avoid this & walk into the gym with a clear cut plan & goal in mind. You need to work out the why, what & how of your fitness journey. Once you have these 3 things, turn them into an achievable & realistic goal. 


2. Pace yourself & ease your way into it 
Being most likely already overwhelmed the last thing you want to do is place a tonne of pressure on yourself to be performing like a body builder. Not only that but when you go from hardly exercising to exercising 5-6 days a week, chances are you're probably going to burn out. The best thing to do is start off slow & work your way up to exercising multiple times a week. 
3. Do workouts you actually enjoy
There's nothing worse than exercising & not enjoying it. It feels more like a chore than something fun to help get endorphins flowing. If you're not finding it enjoyable you're not going to be motivated to exercise. To find which style of training you like most, test them all out! Another way to spice your training up can be exercising with a friend or doing a group class. 



4. Prioritise technique over strength
The biggest mistake you can make as a beginner is going in with the mindset that you need to lift heavy & keep up with other gym goers. If you go in trying to squat 60kg & you've never squatted a day in your life, you're going to injure yourself! So focus on prioritising technique over strength. Once you have the form perfect on an exercise than you can start focusing on strength.  
5. Trust the process & be patient 
The worst thing you can do as a beginner is expect results straight away. It's going to leave you discouraged & will put you off continuing in your fitness journey. Unfortunately good things take time, so you're going to have to be patient & consistent. Remember results don't happen overnight!
Now I want to see you all go put these tips into place & progress out of the beginner fitness phase. Remember this is only a starting point & there's so much room to progress! 
- Summer (@_summerjane)