Coming Out Of Iso Anxiety

Coming Out Of Iso Anxiety
Talk about feeling like a little kid in a candy shop! Gyms are opening, we can wine & dine, beach trips are no longer illegal- life is well on it's way back to normality. 
Just as we were getting ourselves into an iso routine & feeling comfortable with the new 'normal', we find ourselves having to readjust & get back into the swing of our daily lives. For some this can cause anxiety as we haven't lived our normal life in almost 3 months & that takes time to get comfortable with again. 
Here are few tips to guide you in a smooth & anxiety free transition back into normality: 
1. If given the opportunity, take things slow 
If you're given the opportunity to take things slow & ease your way back into normality, take full advantage of it! Throwing yourself straight back into your normal busy life can be overwhelming. It's extremely hard to get things done & think with a level head when you're highly anxious & stressed to the max! By moving at your own pace it allows you to ease your way into & find a routine that works well for you & your current lifestyle.  


2. Remember to breathe & get the body moving
If at any moment throughout the day you find yourself feeling anxious remember to breathe! There's no point in trying to suppress any feelings of anxiety- you feel it, accept it & continue on with your day. When you feel it coming on take a moment to gain control & slow down your breathing, this will help to calm you & make you realise that you are okay!! If breathing isn't your thing try going for a walk, run or get in a gym session- your mind will clear & you'll most likely forget what it was you were anxious about to begin with. 




3. Try & keep a positive frame of mind 
Do not underestimate the power of a positive mindset! Anxiety more times than not is stimulated by negative thoughts & the over analysation of situations. By having a positive & care free outlook on life you're not only gaining control of your anxiety but you're also equipping yourself to better deal with difficult situations. 
4. Get social 
Put yourself out there & get social! Regular face to face interaction & healthy social support is proven to have many positive benefits in reducing anxiety. It's an essential tool for overcoming unwanted feelings of distress & boosting self confidence. 


5. Do things that make you happy 
This ones simple- if you love what you do, you aren't going to feel anxious. Do what makes you happy!  Life is too short to spend your time doing things that don't bring you happiness or fulfil you. If you are unhappy with where you are, recognise what's causing that & put a plan in place to create a life that you look forward to & enjoy everyday! 
If you are at all feeling anxious about coming out of Iso, take a moment to pin point what's triggering you to feel this way. When you're aware of this, it makes it much easier to deal with & you can implement the few coping strategies I've shared. Deal with it & then continue to move forward. Remember it's okay to not feel okay! 
- Summer (@_summerjane)