Celery Juice? The Latest Insta-Worthy Wellness Trend

Celery Juice? The Latest Insta-Worthy Wellness Trend

Celery has never really been a particularly swoon-worthy vegetable. Never has it gained the insta-hype of such foods like avocado, kale or spinach...until now.

Speaking of Instagram - you’ve probably seen it flooding your feed. The almighty morning mantra green juice has taken off. Celery juice is everywhere, and it’s all everybody seems to be talking about.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr says she drinks it every morning with Actress Busy Philipps talking about it with her 1.1 million instagram followers. The bright green juice has racked up more than over 40, 000+ posts on instagram with #celeryjuice and the new #celeryjuicechallenge picking up steam.

Along with countless other celebrities and health gurus alike, celery juice is the latest wellness trend to gain fitspo buzz all over social media, but what the fk is all the hype about and is it actually legit?

For a little bit of context, the celery juice trend was popularised by a man named Anthony William, aka “The Medical Medium,’ who has three New York Times bestselling books on natural food cures under his belt and claims celery juice is a magical cure-all ingredient. Intrigued? We are too.

William mentions drinking 2 cups of plain celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach has the ‘incredible ability to create sweeping improvements for all kinds of health issues.’

If you’re going to be drinking celery juice, it definitely needs to be first thing in the morning and it needs to be juiced. In the past, juicing has typically been dubbed with the illusion that it removes all the fibre and much of the nutrients out of the produce you’re consuming, but with celery it’s not the case.

According to William, in removing the fibre and putting celery through a juicer, you’re getting access to something called cluster salts, which help flush toxins from the liver, hence why it needs to be consumed on an empty stomach.

In addition to being low in calories, celery provides fiber, vitamin K, folate, potassium and over a dozen types of antioxidants. It also contains natural substances that have been shown to help optimise circulation and boost endurance and enhance strength training when consumer pre-workout.

Sounds almost too good to be true, right? So why haven’t we all been guzzling celery juice- made in either a juicer or blender with just celery and water ALL THE TIME?

Studies behind the benefits of drinking celery juice on the regular are scarce - like finding a perfect pair of limited edition Nike’s left in your size over the Boxing Day sales. However, there are a few notable studies worth mentioning that have caught our attention…

Lowers Blood Pressure
The potassium content and low sodium of celery juice, formed from the celery seed extract has the possibility to lowering your blood pressure.

Decrease Inflammation
Celery contains antioxidants that have shown to decrease signs of inflammation, specifically around your stomach. Containing a bioactive compound called apigenin, celery.

Improves Healthy Gut Health
Celery also contains anti-inflammatory substances that are thought to help support a healthy gut and protect against cellular damage that can lead to premature aging and disease...need we say more?

Slows Prostate Cancer Growth
Luteolin, another natural chemical found in celery can shut down the growth of prostate cancer stem cells by 20-fold. Who would have thought this little green vegetable could do so much?

Lastly, is it safe? According to numerous health gurus take on the wellness trend, celery juice is fine in moderation. Drinking it daily as part of an ‘overall whole foods based eating portfolio’ and sticking to the recommended dose, is perfectly fine. Just be sure to know while you’re sipping away on your celery juice in the morning, you haven’t satisfied your vegetable quota for the day.

When it comes to variety, mixing up the vegetables you eat, or drink, does your body a lot of good. Drinking celery as a juice can help you pack in more servings of celery at a time but has proven to be no better or worse than any other insta-worthy vegetable trends like kale and spinach which are also jam packed full of different nutrients and antioxidants.

Bottom line, the benefits seem to speak for themselves with this trend and as long as we can come around to stomaching the taste first thing on a Monday morning, we’re sold.

So get down to your local farmers market, we suspect there’s going to be a celery shortage on the horizon...