Building Muscle Part 2

Building Muscle Part 2
Building muscle part 1 was a hit, so I'm coming at you with part 2! To recap I discussed why & how nutrition, progressive overload, mind muscle connection & compound exercises are really fking important for building muscle. So make sure that's all fresh in your mind because part 2's 'tips to building muscle' are equally just as important & they work in with each other. 
Technique should be your top priority when lifting any sort of weight or performing any exercise for a number of reasons. If you have poor form not only are you not performing the exercise properly but it won't be as effective as it should be- in turn affecting any progressive or gains you're trying to achieve. Quality is always better than quantity & perfect form creates better quality muscle contractions (this is what helps your muscles to grow). It's important that you take the time to get your form on all exercises down pat before focusing on the weight you're lifting or rolling out rep after rep, especially if you're trying to prevent injuring yourself. Poor technique can also be the reason your targeted muscles aren't growing as it's not targeting the correct muscle & you aren't working the intended muscle groups you want to grow.  



Training Consistency
Like anything you do in life, if you aren't consistent you won't reach your desired outcome. It's the same with training & building muscle- if you don't work at it day in, day out your muscles won't grow. You need to be consistent with your training split; this means not doing a different work out every day of the week or doing strength training one week, HIIT the next. You need to have a solid plan put in place & don't stray from it. Same goes for nutrition! If you're meant to be eating 1950 calories each day to build muscle, do it each day. Eating 1500 one day, 1900 the next & 2100 the day after that- you bet you'll be making no progress & chances are it's probably going to mess your metabolism up big time! 




Believe it or not, sleep has a significant impact on muscle recovery. This is because whilst you sleep you release a shot of growth hormone that stimulates tissue growth & muscle repair. However if you don't get enough sleep it actually causes a sharp decline in growth hormone secretion which is associated with muscle mass loss & reduced exercise capacity. This is why it's so important you're allowing your body at least 7 to 9 hours sleep each night. Sleep & rest days together are the ultimate recipe for muscle recovery to allow your muscles to grow. Taking a rest day allows for microscopic tears in your muscle tissues torn during exercise to recover & grow. This in turn will prevent muscle fatigue & ensure you're body is well rested to restore energy stores. 

Building muscle isn't some you can achieve without much knowledge, hard work & consistency. Always be learning. Always be grinding away. Always trust the process. And most importantly be patient!! It takes plenty of time, plenty of trial & error & years of practise. Now go get those gains!
- Summer (@_summerjane)