All I Want For Christmas Is...

All I Want For Christmas Is...

If you know FitazFK, you know that we love our bundles. Whether its the Starter Bundle, Results Bundle or the 28 Day Bundle…we’ve got you covered. 

We put a lot of thought and consideration into our bundles, and pack them with items that we believe will add value to your fitness journey. We want to offer you the best of the best!

So that’s why last week, we launched the ultimate ESSENTIALS BUNDLE. This bad boy was carefully designed by our team to offer you the “must haves” for your workouts. 

It’s literally the ULTIMATE GYM BUDDY! And yes, it’s no Christmas hamper packed with chocolates and candy canes, but it sure as FK has some fitness essentials that every gym-goer should have. 

So what the Fk does this bundle have?! 

Well my friend, we all know what’s worse than having to wake up early to workout? Starting your workout and realising you forgot your fitness journal and water bottle! Ahhhhh.

‘The Essentials’ pack is the key to feeling organised, hydrated and relaxed for your training sessions with our in depth fitness journal, muscular trigger ball, stylish water bottle and the almighty booty bands to ensure you never lose track of you fitness goals. 

1. Booty Bands 

Boy do we love our booty bands…so of course we had to add them to the Essentials Bundle! Perfect for activating your glutes before your session, these booty bands come in three different resistance levels designed to sculpt that booty just in time for Summer. Not only can they be used to warm up those glutes, they work as a great little buddy for a full BOOTY workout. Click here for a HOME BOOTY WORKOUT with our booty bands! 

2. Fitness Journal 

A FitazFK journal designed to help you track your workouts, nutrition and stay accountable on your fitness journey. This journal will be your new best friend as you record goals and practice mindfulness by writing what you’re grateful for each day. The journal will help with consistency and give you that motivation you need to keep kicking your fitness goals. It’s an A5 diary perfect for tracking your 8 week program and easy to take with you every where you go. 

3. Trigger Ball 

Small but powerful…this trigger ball is exactly what you need to reduce muscle tension and help increase blood flow in those awkward little sore spots you just cant get to. We love using the ball under our feet and glutes to accelerate muscle recovery. It’s the bomb! This 9cm ball is simple, portable and a must have! 

4. Water Bottle 

Designed to fit where other water bottles don’t, this stylish water bottle will have you covered when it comes to staying hydrated. We’ve designed something light and portable that will allow you to take it with you anyway and everywhere. It’s important to drink at least 2 litres of water a day to cleanse and detoxify your body, and of course, avoid dehydration. This slimline bottle can do the trick!

So there you have it…4 killer items in the one ultimate bundle. Click on our website to buy your Essentials Bundle today! And make sure to keep an eye out on our FitazFK Instagram page for some killer workouts using our booty bands. Time to peach up those booties for summer!