5 Common Mistakes You Make At The Beginning of Your Fitness Journey!

5 Common Mistakes You Make At The Beginning of Your Fitness Journey!
Hey! Congratulations. You’ve officially started the all too addictive, challenging and FKing rewarding path to a healthier you! 
So you’re new to the world of health and fitness, but want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your new found love of exercise?

As PT’s, the boys from FitazFk have seen it all, so we’re here to give you a little insight into the 5 most 5 most common mistakes that beginners make during the first few months of their fitness journey, and why you should be avoiding them! 
Here goes...
1. Believing everything you see on social media
We’ve all been guilty of this one. As fitness coaches, it’s all to common to come across self professed fitness influencers on Instagram, with hectic bubble butts and incredible rigs… and get sucked in to believing that the 20 minute workout video they posted on Instagram is enough to achieve a similar body shape.
If it helps, think of social media as a highlight reel. Most of us only ever showcase tiny snippets of the best parts our lives. What people don’t show you are the countless hours they actually spend in the gym every week… with a strict nutritional plan to match.

Basically, don’t believe everything you see! We hate to tell you, but there is no magic involved in getting fit. Just a lot of hard work, dedication, and sweat! 
2. Training incorrectly for your goals
So you want a toned body, but you’re only doing cardio? 
We see this SO OFTEN. People don’t fully understand how they should be training in order to achieve their #bodygoals. The key to this is EDUCATION. Before you dive head first into a gym full of equipment you have no idea how to use, we suggest doing some research into the best methods of exercise to achieve your particular goals.
If you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness, you wouldn’t then go and hit the smith machine, would you? 
If you’re struggling to comprehend the information on the internet (because we know it can be overwhelming) why not let a professional help you! Our FitazFK in 8 Weeks guide has everything you need in order to start your fitness journey and is suitable for absolutely all fitness levels! Not to mention, you get exclusive access to a private Facebook community of people undergoing their FitazFK challenges too! 
3. Avoiding the weight room 
A common misconception we see ALL THE TIME is the myth that weights will make you “bulky”. Of course, if your goal is to build a substantial amount of muscle mass, then you would use weights as your primary form of training. However, incorporating a basic weights session once or twice a week is essential in order for you to build general muscle tone and strength! 
We promise, lifting weights twice a week will not magically turn your physique into that of a body-builder’s…
4. Looking at the wrong metric for validation
This particular beginner mistake is both dangerous and misleading. Most of us think that the best way to gauge our progress is to head straight to the scales to see if there is an improvement in weight loss.

However, unless you have a substantial amount of weight to lose, the number on the scale will not drop as significantly, or as continuously as you might think. While you might be losing fat, you’ll be increasing muscle and as we all know, muscle is heavier than fat. Do we have to explain this any further?

The number on the scale is definitely not the most helpful metric to gauge your fitness progress.

So what is? 
Your strength! Your cardiovascular fitness! Basically any definitive exercise progress that you make during your fitness journey. How many more pushups can you do? Can you run another kilometre further than you could a month ago? This progress is what truly matters, and is the metric you should be focusing on for progress validation!
5. A little Is better than nothing at all 
I mean yes, a short walk will always be better for your health than staying at home in front of the TV… but it’s really not going to do much for you in terms of actually making a dint in your fitness progression. 
We understand, sometimes you’re busy and can’t fit in a solid gym session so in this case even a small amount of exercise is better than nothing. However, this only applies if you’re consistently training, the majority of the time!

To get the results you want, it takes nothing short of hard work and dedication. And it won’t happen over night! If you need an extra push, get yourself to a gym and join in on a class! For those of you who are Brissy based, the FitazFK Gym located in Kangaroo Point offers a diverse range of super challenging, fun fitness classes that’ll get you that one giant step closer to your fitness goals!
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