5 Cardio Alternatives (that don't totally suck)

5 Cardio Alternatives (that don't totally suck)

Ah, the dreaded C-word: Cardio (and no, not the other C word).

So it’s Monday afternoon and you’ve planned a 5km run. That’s only 5 lots of 1km, which is basically 500m, 10 times, right? …is anyone else feeling dizzy?

Plain and simple, no one is born loving cardio (okay maybe not everyone). It’s a love, hate relationship (mostly filled with hate). Whether it’s long distance running, sprints or even a simple jog, we know it can be hard, even the thought of it is simply exhausting.

Good news for you, my fellow cardio-loathing friend, it doesn’t need to be this way!

Scaling down on running can allow you to explore many other forms of movement, that will still leave you feeling fit, happy, strong and actually excited to work out! (yes, EXCITED to work out).

Don’t fret! That addictive runner’s high is achievable through other forms of sweat therapy. Taking a break from this form of exercise can actually be a good thing...

To get your daily dose of cardio minus the lengthy, sweat-filled kilometres, why not try:

  1. Circuit Training
    Forget the treadmill, our EMOM style workouts featured in our FitazFK programs will have your heart rate racing in no time (18 minutes to be exact!), without the need to run a million miles. Good news, any type of circuit training, whether it’s HIIT or Tabata, it will get every muscle firing! Plus you’re guaranteed to be burning calories hours after your workout… maybe even while you sleep!

  2. Boxing
    Well if it’s good enough for Gigi Hadid?Our FitazFk Boxing classes will teach you the correct techniques in optimal body and strength control. Work hard, and you will simultaneously achieve new levels of fitness while learning how to defend yourself and increase your confidence! Grab a buddy, or a bag and get ready to punch it out!

  3. Swimming
    If you’re tired of the same old workout routine, or are recovering from injury, swimming is an amazing form of movement that builds full-body strength in a therapeutic way. Doing laps in a pool or frolicking among the waves will increase your heart rate, get your body moving, your sweat glands working and your blood pumping. Get pool-side and jump on in!

  4. Walking
    Yes, you can literally walk your way to better physical and mental health! Walking forces us to slow down, take in our surroundings, and to focus on one step at a time. It subtly increases your heart-rate and gets enough blood pumping throughout your body, as well improves brain function (win, win!). Our go-to? A L.S.D. session - an important part of our FitazFK Guides! Get your kicks on, it’s a great way to explore and stay fit.

  5. Yoga
    The beauty of yoga is that for every pose there is always a modification, so it is a practice that can be accessible to anyone, any body type, and any injury you may be dealing with. After consistent practice you may start to feel an overall sense of mental clarity and calm, as well as notice an increase in lean muscle mass. Unleash your inner yogi and come check out one of our Yoga Classes for yourself at our FitazFK Gym.

There are so many different cardio-based combinations that will make you feel fkn great! Ditch that treadmill next time you’re working out and try something new, there’s bound to one that you’ll love the most!

Live in Brissy and want to experience what all the fking fuss is about? Be sure to visit us at FitazFK Gym, Kangaroo Point - your first class is free