The Mama Morning Ritual

The Mama Morning Ritual
Are you a new mama who’s been dying to exercise but struggling to find the motivation or simply a way to do so? 
This blog is dedicated to all our baby mamas out there wanting to get that pre-baby body back and the motivation to kickstart a healthy lifestyle alongside their bub. 
Just like our girl Thessy, fiancé of FitazFK co-ower Georgio and newly mama to baby Zani, has found that having a baby really tests your time management skills, especially when your mind is not as focussed as it usually is. Finding the motivation or knowing what to do in terms of exercise can almost feel impossible and can easily get put in the “too hard” basket. 
But Thessy, and other FitazFK mamas like Dani Bonnor have proven that there is a way out of this downward spiral. It all starts with establishing a system that can accomodate with being a mum while also focusing on yourself and your fitness. 
Number one rule…get into a routine or create a morning ritual! Getting into a routine from the start is the best thing you can do…both mama and bub NEED routine!
We can’t stress enough the importance of finding a routine that works for you…every one is unique and has different needs to cater for. The trick is to reflect on your previous routine and build one around your bubba’s day to day common behaviours. 
What Thessy found is that your her first feed of the day is “GO” time. Zani is normally waking up for a feed around 7am. After her feed and a some awake time where they can talk, sing, read a book or get in some tummy time, this is where “Thessy’s Morning Ritual” begins. 
When little bubba begins to get sleepy again, she’s straight in the pram and Thessy’s ready to hit the pavement. She goes for a 15 minute walk to train her aerobic system and to truly have Zani settled/sleeping. 
We find that this is a very common form of movement for new mamas, especially because they’ve got bubba right beside them. This is great way to start getting into a sweat routine but also understand that hilly suburbs and of course, BF (breast feeding) can prevent this. 
Hitting the pavement with a heavy chest can sometimes be physically demanding with the added weight of pushing the pram. This can be a reason behind a lack of motivation to exercise. If what you’re doing to sweat is too hard or strenuous on your body, then you will be more and more inclined to skip your workout.

Our FitazFk guides, and in particular our Results Bundle is our go-to for mamas that want to get back into a fitness regime. As soon as Thessy returns from her walk, she get’s straight into our 18 minute FitazFk workout, using a combination of the resistance bands, skipping rope and gliders that are provided in the package.

The program is perfect to do at home and really simple to follow. You can literally follow each day, step-by-step, as it’s written to keep things varied and to prevent boredom. 
Our guides are 100% safe for postpartum mamas, and provide detailed exercise descriptions with images so you can nail the proper technique, PLUS 3 levels of difficulty to cater for your individual fitness levels and body types.
With such a simple way to exercise in the comfort of your own home, Thessy has now gained her motivation back and has found more energy to complete her day to day tasks without fatigue. 

This morning ritual shifts your mentality from trying to see physical change, to chasing a sensation you get IMMEDIATELY with the endorphin rush. Anyone that has a similar ritual set in place, probably knows how amazing it can make you feel and the energy you gain to continue to be the best possible mum. 
So if Thessy can do it, so can you! Fk excuses, start slowly, get into a routine, and in no time you’ll be feeling like the world’s greatest mum.